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Permanent Hair Removal - Facials - Dermafile - Microcurrent - Reflexology


All facials are performed by a licensed esthetician, a specialist who provides preventative care for the skin and offers treatment to keep skin healthy and attractive. An esthetician can treat specific skin problems such as dry skin, oily skin, and acne prone skin or aging skin. 

  • Cleansing : Removal of dirt and make up
  • Message : Stimulate blood circulation and tones facial muscles
  • Extraction :Removal of blackheads and pimples (acne)
  • Masks : Tone the skin as well as calm and smooth
  • Moisturizer : To replace loss of moisture

We offer 50% OFF ( for first half hour ) on all skin services to first-time clients. Experience this unique form of skin care services and revitalize your self image. We use only organic products for all skin treatments - we do'nt use chemical based -products!