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Dermafile / Exfoliation and Resurfacing

A healthy, natural approach to exfoluation and resurfacing the skin. Filing will remove the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving smooth skin. This process is painless, and any part of the body can be treated. Effective for treating aging, sun damaged skin, scars, lighten pigmentation, fine lined, reduces acne lesions and enlarged and clogged pores. A safe process, with no chemicals involved. You will have immediate results with this non-invasive procedure. 

Licensed Esthetician

If you want your skin to be smoother, and want to eliminate unwanted facial lines, age spots, wrinkles, or scarring. Then this is the procedure you my have been looking for, our licensed professional will advise you on how much dead skin will be removed after her evaluation. You'll see the immediate results with treatments, so call and stop by for a free consultation.